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Clearing Radiation: A Detoxification Bath from Dr. Hazel Parcells

Without the inspiring example of Dr. Hazel Parcells (1889-1996), I wouldn’t have become healthy, much less turned into The Naughty Nutritionist.

Dr. Parcells inspired me not only because she had a great sense of mischief, but a talent for chopping and slicing through nutritional dogma.  She naughtily broke the rules of establishment nutrition by recommending red meat, raw milk, butter, no soy and no margarine.    She warned of the dangers of vegetarianism years ago, and understood body/mind/spirit medicine long before it became popular.

Much of Dr. Parcells’s pioneering work involved detoxification.  Radiation was one of her deepest concerns.   She said she found it everywhere in America, even in remote, beautiful locations such as Sapello, NM, where she lived during the last few years of her life.   Accordingly, she recommended that people clear themselves several times weekly with salt and baking soda baths and as soon as possible after submitting to dental X rays or plane trips.

Recently I spoke at conference in Detroit.   Soon after my long plane ride home, I took the Parcells bath for radiation, and felt more balanced and energetic right away.    I also like to take this bath whenever I’m feeling listless.

Here’s how to do it:

Dissolve one pound of sea salt or rock salt and one pound of baking soda in a tub of hot water.   Stay in the bath for 30 to 45 minutes as the water cools.  If the bath proves too hot to tolerate, you may speed the cooling by adding some cold water.  Do this only if it’s the only way you can stay in for at least 30 minutes and the next time you bathe take care not to start out so hot.   However, never add more hot water.    Do not shower for at least four hours after the bath.    You can do it anytime during the day, but it’s great before bed.

That’s it.   I like to take this bath once or twice a week throughout the year as well as after plane trips or X rays.   This bath sometimes leaves people feeling tired and weak, at least initially. But once most of the accumulated radiation energy from the body has cleared, it will feel relaxing, clarifying and rejuvenating.

For more about Dr. Hazel Parcells’s detoxification and other healing programs, I recommend  Live Better Longer by Joseph Dispenza, with an introduction by Ann Louise Gittleman, and Healer: The Pioneer Nutritionist and Prophet Dr. Hazel Parcells in Her Own Words at Age 106 , compiled and published by my good friend, the late Joseph Dispenza and with an introduction by me.

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101 Responses to Clearing Radiation: A Detoxification Bath from Dr. Hazel Parcells

  1. tracey says:

    I have read elsewhere that one should shower in cold water right away after soaking. This says the opposite. Why do you suggest that one not rinse off for four hours?

  2. Michele says:

    Would be beneficial a couple of years after exposure?

  3. kathy enking says:

    Where do you get your sea/rock salt? Just had some of those nasty dental x-rays today
    and definitely see the value in this, thank you!

  4. Sterling Doughty says:

    What about salt from underground salt mines as we have here in Switzerland from the Jura mountains- the salt is from ancient seas and was buried millions of years ago so it should be purer than modern sea salt.

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      Sounds great, but you do not need to use expensive salts to do these baths. Inexpensive sea salt, rock salt, kosher salt are fine. If you do these baths several times a week as I would recommend, the cost becomes important.

  5. Mali Korsten says:

    Very interesting! Do you think it’s safe to do this when pregnant?

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      Yes, it’s pulling the radiation energy out of the body.

      • Wife21Mom24 says:

        Pulling radiation out of the body is one thing. Raising your internal temp to “as hot as you can stand it” is another. There are some missing links here. Your baby is in your body & if you have other children you know they cannot tolerate extreme temps like adults. Their skin is not as thick as ours. You could probably do your legs, arms, (chest, neck & jaw (with hot towels) but please don’t stick your tummy or back in a super hot tub for 30-45 minutes while you are pregnant!

      • Vincent ross says:

        Can I use arm & hammer

        I used wireless headphones for
        4 nights . After
        That I have started
        To experience tingling
        In my body & numbness
        In certain areas

        Will this bath help

        • DrKaayla says:

          It should help. The recipe is one cup baking soda (any brand is fine) and one cup salt (bulk sea salt, kosher salt all fine). Let us know how it works for you. And, of course, you need to stop using wireless headphones. Get corded landline phone, use ethernet for internet (not WiFi) and stay away from places that have a lot of wifi. Get rid of “Smart House” security system and other bluetooth use.

    • Michael says:

      If only the people of Chernobyl or Fukushima knew that their radiation damage could be sucked out by a salt path… it’s such a shame.

  6. Dawn says:

    So sea salt not epsom salt? I’ve used epsom salt and baking soda for detox. Does it matter which one you use? What would be the benefit of sea salt v. epsom salt?

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      Dr. Parcells recommended the combination of salt and baking soda for radiation. She recommended Epsom salts alone for muscles and relaxation.

  7. Sheridan says:

    Wow, if Dr Parcells lived over 100 years of age then she is definitely someone to listen to!

    Dr Kaayla, what do you think about these baths for children (I have children ranging 2 years up to 8 years)? And if you think they are appropriate, how often?

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      Yes, she died at 106 years young. An inspiring example for all of us. Re your children, I’d say great for them to do the bath once a week, and always after plane travel or dental or other X rays.

  8. Jim says:

    Why would salt reduce radiation and what does the baking soda do for you?

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      The book “Live Better Longer” (link at the end of the blog) has great information on how Dr. Parcells came up with these baths and her reasoning for their efficacy.

  9. Barb says:

    Hi Kaayla,
    I saw you in Detroit! Thanks so much for coming. It was wonderful.
    Now, to this radiation remedy. I had radiation ( a lot of it!) for breast cancer back in 1999. I am doing very well and have not had a cancer reoccurrence, but the irradiated area targeting my liver continues to exhibit some skin changes. Do you think this remedy might be worth a shot? Would this kind of radiation be included in what she was writing about?

  10. Aari says:

    Is there a scientific basis to this? Does the ionized salt have something to do with detox? Or are you recreating an ocean?

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      Aari, I would also like to know the science behind this. I can only tell you that Dr. Parcells used a variety of methods to devise and test her different therapies, and they have an outstanding record of working very well. To learn more about this amazing woman and her discoveries, I recommend the two books at the end of the blog.

  11. Vicky says:

    These may be stupid questions but… what if you are nursing? Will the radiation leave through breastmilk? What if you cosleep? If it leaves the body for a few hours would my infant be exposed to it? Thanks, I love these remedies but do not want to affect my baby girl.

  12. Kathleen says:


    You mentioned that you can do this while pregnant. If this is the case I assume it’s safe to do this if breastfeeding? Thank you

  13. Mary Bond says:

    I’ve heard that baking soda has aluminum in it. Is that safe?

  14. Nannette says:

    That’s just so cool! I give baking soda and Himalayan pink salt baths to my babies when they have a cold or diaper rash. I had no idea it could be THAT beneficial. I did it initially thinking that the baking soda would neutralize any acid on or in the skin and the salt would pull out any irritants. Plus, baking soda makes the water feel “softer”. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s nice though. For colds I added it just because of that soft feeling so that it would be extra relaxing. I am thankful to know that it’s even better for them (and me!) than I thought. Thanks for sharing!

  15. raina says:

    must it be sea salt? what would happen if we used table salt instead :s

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      Morton’s and other supermarket salts have iodine and other additives that could affect the outcome. So I’d choose inexpensive bulk sea salts, rock or kosher salt instead.

  16. Brittany says:

    Is this safe for babies or young children?

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      Yes, but use common sense by not making the bath overly hot and by taking the baby or child out before he or she has been in too long.

  17. Pat the nurse says:

    Please forgive my skepticism, how do you measure radiation absorption rates and detoxification results?

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      There’s a link to the book “Live Better Longer” at the end of the article. It goes into some of Dr. Parcells’ methods using a pendulum, determination board and other devices to measure radiation and other toxins in the body. It’s possible you will remain skeptical. Skeptical or not, I think you’ll feel great from doing these baths.

  18. Brittany says:

    Is this safe for babies or young children??

  19. georgie says:

    Just wondering why you say “never add more hot water” to the bath?

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      The bath helps the radiation energy to move out of your body. More hot water will allow it to move back in.

  20. Amber says:

    You said its safe for babies and children but what amount of salt and baking soda? Same as adult?

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  22. linda fisher says:

    I have tried to reach Terry Kast to order Dr parcels cell cleanse, and her contact info has changed. Do you know where I can purchase this cleanse? If you sell it, please let me know – I want it right away.
    Many thanks.

    • I’m sorry I haven’t been able to find Terry either. I studied with her some years ago and would very much like to reconnect. I do not think anyone is manufacturing the cell cleanse product today. I am going to contact a few other Parcells students and practitioners to see if we can’t get a product up and running. In the meantime, I recommend you find a good alternative MD or other health care practitioner as there are other ways to detoxify and cleanse. As a dietary foundation, there’s nothing better than drinking plenty of good old-fashioned bone broth and using it to make nourishing soups and stews. For more about that, read my new book Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World (coauthored with Sally Fallon Morell) and visit my new website

      • Hal Isen says:

        I was a student of Dr. Parcells, and found the Cell Cleanse she provided very beneficial. Did you ever locate anyone else who is making the product that Dr. Parcells provided? ( I also tried to reach Terry Kast, but was unable to do so). Any info will be appreciated!

  23. Terri says:

    I’m sorry if this is a really stupid question, but if it is the head that is exposed to radiation (during dental x-rays for example) is it important to submerge it in the water too? Or will the bath be effective if only the body is in the water?

  24. Graciela Lacey says:

    Is the ok if I mix Apple vinaigrette with bakin soda in the bath to detoxify

    • DrKaayla says:

      Dr. Parcells recommended separate baths. Three of her favorites were: Apple cider vinegar; epsom salts; and the one discussed here for clearing radiation using sea salt and baking soda.

    • DrKaayla says:

      Dear Graciela, I wouldn’t mix them. I like to do apple cider vinegar baths for improved energy, Epsom salt baths for destressing & muscle relaxing, and the salt and soda baths for detoxification.

    • DrKaayla says:

      I don’t have experience with that combination. I do apple cider vinegar baths. And on other days, enjoy a salt and baking soda bath. When I need relaxation or have sore muscle, Epsom salt’s good. I wouldn’t mix these all up.

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  26. Kelly says:

    Does it work after one week of an ct scan exposure?

  27. Luciana says:

    Hi Is it safe to do the bath on a 3 year old child? If so, what quantity of salt and baking soda should I use for her? How often should I do the bath for her? She broke her forearm and a x-ray is needed before removing the cast. Thank you

    • DrKaayla says:

      Well, take care not to get the cast wet! I would adjust the recipe to reflect half the bathwater or whatever. Otherwise, no change.

  28. Lori says:

    Where can I buy bulk
    sea salt?

    • DrKaayla says:

      Many health food stores sell in bulk and that’s what I’d recommend for the baths. No reason to buy premium priced salts for the baths. Some people use rock salts or kosher salts, and those are available in regular supermarkets.

  29. Lori says:

    Where can I buy bulk sea salt?

  30. Faith says:

    I must say DrKaayla you have patience. Questions that keep getting asked over and over let me see how to put it. “Asked and answered”
    Thanks for the info very enlightening

  31. Cohanna says:

    Can one bathe using soap in the same water in which you’ve salt/soda-soaked 30-45min? If so, is any all natural soap ok? If not, can you shower immediately preceding and skip the shower 4hrs afterwards?

  32. Tony says:

    I have been doing Parcells bathing detox for years. In her book, there is no mention as to how long one should remain in the bath. She only says until the water cools. A couple of years ago I spoke to Terry and ask her what Parcells definition of cool. She never did give me an answer.
    Now reading hear you say it should be 30 -45 minutes. How did you come up with that time schedule.?
    Is this repeatable for all of her baths.

    • DrKaayla says:

      I studied with three people who worked for a long time with Dr. Parcells. All said 30-45 minutes. Enjoy your baths!

      • Andie says:

        It might depend on the room temperature. I tried this in an Australian summer and the water was still hot/warm after 50 minutes. It took about 2 hours to go lukewarm.

  33. Maria says:

    Is there a scientific basis to this? Does the ionized salt have something to do with detox? Or are you recreating an ocean?

  34. maria says:

    Going for my mammogram today, definitely will do this after I’m done. Thank you

  35. alexander says:

    Hello there! I have had a CT scan 2 weeks ago, and I have read here about Dr. Parcell’s therapeutic bath. I have a question however. Am I supposed to be fully still and not moving while in the water, or may I move? And I happened to become a little weak feeling because of the hot temperature (40 degrees celcius) and couldn’t just sit still the whole time. Also what parts of the body should be in the water? As my tub is too small to fully immerse my body in it.

    And afterwards, I usually use my big iphone 6s plus alot. I know this also has radiation emitting from it, I think. Should I abandon using it so much after baths like these? And for how long should I bathe in terms of days or weeks, to fully detox from the CT scan? Also the CT scan they gave me used IV contrast agent with iodine. I used regular nascent iodine already orally afterwards alot, is there any way to detox from this too?

    Thanks in advance,


    • DrKaayla says:

      I wouldn’t worry about it. Only so much splashing around a grownup can do in the bath! I would definitely minimize the use of any cell phone and use instead a corded landline. Keep your cell phone off or in airplane mode. I recommend your taking your iodine questions to the Iodine Workshop Facebook page where Lynne Farrow and Lynn Razaitis can help you.

  36. Derrick Johnston says:

    What is the name of the Dr book or books speaking on detoxifications and where can purchases them

  37. Arlene Longe says:

    Dr. Kaayla, I have radiation proctitus, is this method for me to use? I HAVE HAD LOTS AND LOTS OF RADIATION ,,,For colon cancer, uterine cancer and endomeatrius cancer. I also went thru 3 sessions of the cyberknife….I have thyroid problems,type 2 diabetis high blood pressure I cannot lose weight but that is my own fault? I am 79 years old ….Am I asking for to much with my age????

    • DrKaayla says:

      You may feel better by doing the baths. Give them a try! I do not think you are too old at 79 years young!

    • Kim says:

      After all the medical procedures, the weight gain is not your fault! Your body took a beating… you probably need a variety of nutrients and beneficial minerals, both of which the procedures would have stripped out. The Weston Price diet was helpful for us, but we also took out all flour, pasta, and other grains for the first six months. It helped lots. Add on real raw sauerkraut and pickles, not the pasteurized crap on the shelves of most stores. I love these baths! Highly recommend reading Hazel Parcells book, too.

    • Kim says:

      Oh, have you looked into Arvigo massage for uterine and abdominal issues? It’s worth a try and it certainly makes one feel nice. Their website has lists of practitioners by state. Basic Arvigo training for self care is pretty affordable, so I am actually thinking of taking a short course this year.

  38. Jessie says:

    Is it safe with kidney stones and endometriosis??

  39. Brit says:

    This may be a silly question but I was planning on doing this bath since I just had a CT Scan. However you say don’t rinse with cold water immediately afterwards as radiation comes through the skin for hours after. I have a baby…. how long would you think would be a good idea before I hold him?

    Also, what brand salts do you use?

    • DrKaayla says:

      This question has never come up before. I will do my best to get an opinion on it from one of Dr. Parcells’ longtime students.

      I use inexpensive salts such as bulk sea salt, rock salt, kosher salt. No reason to buy pricey salts for these baths.

  40. Belen says:

    Can this be done 4 weeks after X-rays ? Or is it too late?

  41. haven says:

    hello dr kayla… speaking of radiation..I called you to leave a message but you never returned my suggest diatomaceous earth with something else for a therapy.please do more research if you can as they did this stuff up in the deserts of Nevada where they use to set of atom bombs..there is only ONE place in our United States that this stuff is harvested from and its the place in Nevada that you mentioned.atom bombs have strontium 90…uranium,cobalt,plutonium they have a half life which as you know when dug up stay for thousands of years.when I called the company asking if they tested for this the woman on the phone said we tested for many things we dotty feel a need to test for this.I know you say you like healthy things but please do more research for us all on this diatomecous earth.i think its on “shaky ground”here no pun intended.i think it has radioactive isotopes in it.

    • DrKaayla says:

      I don’t remember getting a call from you, but maybe there was a voice mail misfunction. I’ve only seen excellent results from using Toxiclenz or Diatomaceous Earth. However, I am looking into your concerns.

  42. Amber says:

    Thanks for sharing this very helpful info! I am curious about whether it’s okay to add other things to the bath in addition to the sea salt and baking soda – such as various essential oils, bentonite clay or apple cider vinegar?

    • DrKaayla says:

      Dr. Parcells recommended several different baths. Salt and soda. Epsom salts. Apple cider vinegar. . . She recommended that they be taken on different days. I am aware that some practitioners recommend different combinations. I’ve personally benefited from these three baths. Let me know what works best for you.

  43. Cybil says:

    Hi – I did the bath after my CT scan yesterday. How often should I do it since I just had that CT? Do I do another one tonight?
    Also – The CT had contrast…. hoping this helps with that as well.


    • DrKaayla says:

      Yes, you can do another bath. Many of us like to do several a week just to clear radiation we’re exposed to from the environment.

  44. Evie says:

    I absentmindedly used Morton salt for my bath (with iodide). Is that really bad? Also, are “Dead Sea” sea salts appropriate? Thanks! I happen to have a 5 lb bag from a previous bath detox experiment. AlThanks!

    • DrKaayla says:

      I have used Morton’s after a plane trip as it’s often the only salt I can find near hotel. Dead sea salts would be appropriate but an expensive choice.

  45. Angela says:

    Is swimming in a salt water swimming pool beneficial for toxin and radiation removal? And is it good and additionally beneficial in following the salt water swim with a hot sauna? Or is better to sauna first and swim right after?

    Thank you so much.

    • DrKaayla says:

      I would think they would both be wonderful. I have not researched them, however, and so cannot advise you on whether it would be most beneficial to do them back to back or in which order. My personal preference would be the hot sauna and then cooling off with a nice swim. No research on that though.

  46. Sandra says:

    Hi…I am not a big fan of soaking in water…would a infrared sauna detox radiation??
    Thank You!!

    • DrKaayla says:

      Yes, I’m a big fan of infrared sauna for overall detoxification. I like to do the sauna some days and I take one or another of the baths on other days.

  47. Linda Milkes says:

    Hello! I was told I would be slimy at the end of this bath, but I wasn’t. Does that mean I did something wrong? A lot of dead skin came off. I used kosher salt and baking soda.

  48. Hussein abdi says:

    You say dont shower for atleast 4 hours after we do this. Do we rinse our skin off or ?

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