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A Kick Ass Flu Remedy

There’s a major  flu epidemic out there. Even people who don’t ordinarily get sick have found themselves seriously ill this winter with incapacitating headaches, fevers, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea and/or vomiting. It’s been so bad that people who say they would never see doctors, have been scared enough to head to hospital emergency rooms.

If that’s been you, this blog may give you the information you need to avoid a repeat episode. And if the flu hasn’t caught up with you yet, the suggestions in this blog can help you kick it back during the early stages.

This three-step protocol comes from my friend and colleague, Galen D. Knight, PhD, an independent researcher who has investigated the roles of vitalethine in immunological, infectious, autoimmune, and endocrine diseases. His flu protocol is simple, inexpensive and has worked for me and dozens of my clients and friends.


Start with a quality grapefruit seed extract.  My favorite brand is Wisdom of the Ages Advantage Liquid Concentrate.  You need less than a dropper full, which needs to be diluted about one to three with water. For an adult, this usually means about 15 drops in about a quarter cup of water.  Full-strength grapefruit seed extract will burn so keep it away from your eyes, ears and any mucous membranes.

The grapefruit seed extract alone may be sufficient, but you can also add St. John’s Wort, Elderberry syrup or other herbal and nutritional antivirals. Dr. Knight finds the ethanol forms to be the most effective and reports they can be added full strength without problems.


Once you have successfully kept the grapefruit seed extract and the optional antiviral herbs down for half an hour, follow with a slurry of diatomaceous earth in water.  The dose is one tablespoon of food grade diatomaceous earth for every 100 pounds of body weight.  This product must be labeled “food grade” and suitable for human and pet use.  My favorite brand is Perma Guard Fossil Flour.  Another option is Wisdom of the Ages Toxiclenz, a product I’ve often recommended as part of detoxification programs.  It contains a mix of diatomaceous earth and inositol.


Allow your body to fully recover even if you start feeling better quickly.  Eat minimally but include lots of bone broth.  My absolute favorite ready-made broth is Lance Roll’s Flavor Chef.  No one does broth better than Lance.  And take care to get enough sleep, reduce stress and include fun in your life from now on!


Many people find that symptoms such as dry heaves, vomiting and stomach upset are gone within an hour, provided this protocol is begun right away at the first onset of flu symptoms.

The antiviral herbs will help stop a sore throat.

The diatomaceous earth helps to absorb the often toxic die-offs created as the body fights the infection.

If the flu has already gone systemic in your body, it may take 24 to 48 hours to start seeing signs of recovery.  Don’t despair, as this is far better than being knocked out of circulation for a week or two.

Dr. Knight says his protocol has sometimes worked so quickly that people have set out for the doctor’s office only to recover en route, turn around and go home. “One can still go to the doctor if really concerned,” he says, “ but if started right away at the first signs of illness this often works so fast that you will be over it before you can make an appointment or go to urgent care and wait to see someone for help. Realize also, that when flu is epidemic, it is not a good time to sit in a waiting room full of hacking and coughing people.”


Keep these natural remedies on hand as part of your natural first aid kit.  As Dr. Knight puts it, “It is very important to getting a jump on beating this before the flu pummels you and your family.”

Let me know how this works for you in the comments below.  And share your favorite tips too!

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13 Responses to A Kick Ass Flu Remedy

  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much for posting this natural flu remedy!!! It looks like dosages for grapefruit seed extract and the diatomaceous earth are for adults primarily, and possibly teenagers. What dosages would be appropriate for young children ages 4 yrs old & up? Also, is this appropriate to give to infants & toddlers up to 4 yrs old? Thanks again 🙂

    • Galen Knight says:

      I always adjusted the dosing for my daughters based upon their proportional weights, usually about a third of the adult, or about 5 drops of ALC per dose. If that got tossed before the half hour, I’d give them another round until they could keep it down. The second round almost always stopped the problem so that it could be followed with the food grade (only!) diatomaceous earth in another half an hour.

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  3. Isabella says:

    Hello Dr. Daniel,
    Thanks for the great information.
    Can diatomaceous earth be replaced by Bentonite powder which is pure clay?

  4. Linda says:

    Thank you for the remedy! Two questions: Which antiviral herbs do you recommend to stop a sore throat? About how much water do you add to the DE to make the slurry?

  5. grace tao says:

    Thanks Dr. K!!! Hope you and your family are doing GREAT! Your children must be all grown by now!

    I was sick over the holidays and am getting stronger each day. Wish I had this info back then. I have some friends who are getting over it and will pass on your info.

    I have the diatomaceous earth and grapefruit seed extract, so I will get the other two soon.

    • DrKaayla says:

      Glad you are getting stronger. Sure hope you are now taking it easy on the fruit! Be sure to get lots of good healing bone broth.

  6. Irene Young says:

    Thank you! Incredible and fortuitous. Got you posting on Saturday morning. We have been sick with slowly progressing flu for almost a week. On Saturday, my husband was out flat in bed. I happened to get a bag of DE for the first time ever, so I had both grapefruit seed extract and DE on hand. After falling asleep and waking up a couple of hours later, my husband said he felt much better, and he felt dreadful before. Wow,

  7. Melissa says:

    Just wondering about grapefruit seed extract and my anti-depressant. Says on the anti-depressant warning not to drink grapefruit juice which will negate anti-depressant. Is grapefruit seed extract the same?

  8. alison says:

    It’s great to know another remedy for fighting viral infections. I have been fortunate not to suffer from flu-like symptoms, or even influenza for many years.
    How is bentonite clay different from diatomaceous earth in absorbing and flushing out the microbes? I have been taking DE in water slurry for absorbing heavy metals to be flushed out of my body for some time, but have only been taking 1tsp per 8-12oz water–I also use PermaGuard.
    I will pass this info along to others.
    Thanks for finding me email address. You are now added to my list of experts.

  9. jkoster says:

    All very well but why do you have to mention all your favorite manufacturers? You do not need to . It smacks of making money from advertising?

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