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Allergic to Peanuts? Soy Can Put Your Life at Risk . . . Even if You’ve Never Reacted Before

People with peanut allergies should also avoid soy.  That was the word from the Swedish National Food Administration back in 1999 after investigating the deaths of four children with severe peanut allergies who died after eating a minuscule amount of soy protein hidden in hamburgers.    Sadly, most allergy support sites have not yet shared this warning, and deaths and hospitalizations have resulted.    Soy nuts and soy nut butters are even marketed by the soy industry as healthy substitutes for peanuts and peanut butter.

Fortunately, the truth is getting out thanks to Robyn O’Brien of AllergyKids and others.    Those at highest risk are children who not only suffer from peanut allergies but also from asthma, other allergies and/or a family history of allergies.   Please share this video.   It could save lives.

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4 Responses to Allergic to Peanuts? Soy Can Put Your Life at Risk . . . Even if You’ve Never Reacted Before

  1. Kathy E says:

    I don’t really understand fully what happened here. If you breastfed all your children, why are they getting formula? Why would you feed them formula if it is causing the reaction you describe? If you remove gmo from the diet symptoms should abate? I mean no disrespect here. I am all about banning infant formula that contain gmo. your son has some other issue that is causing his skin problems? GI related for sure.

    • DrKaayla69 says:

      This video is about soy allergies. It’s not about soy infant formula. I discuss soy formula issues thoroughly in Chapters 12 and 28 of The Whole Soy Story and there are also many articles available at

  2. jessica says:

    Would fermented soy cause the same reaction? My daughter is allergic to peanuts but has had soy without a reaction for years. Now that I know how unhealthy soy is the only soy anyone in our house consumes is fermented soy in a wheat free soy sauce (tamari).

    • DrKaayla says:

      Dear Jessica, I don’t know. One of the problems is the children who reacted severely had not reacted at all to soy in the past. And then they reacted severely to only a tiny amount of soy. Since it seems nearly impossible to predict, I have to say “better safe than sorry” The problem may very well be GMO soy related, and most fermented soy products are from organic soybeans. Miso, tempeh and natto are really healthy products for most of us but if soy and/or peanut allergies are in the picture probably best avoided.

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