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Ashton Kutcher Experiences Pancreatic Pain Playing the Role of Steve Jobs

Over the past past year I’ve attracted a lot of vegan rage about the blogs I’ve written on how a high fructose diet may have contributed to the pancreatic cancer that killed Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Today’s news provides some evidence that I might have been “right on.”

Actor Ashton Kutcher, who plays Steve Jobs in the biopic Jobs, says he was rushed  to the hospital with pancreatic problems after adopting a fruitarian diet.   Kutcher did so to get into Jobs’s character as fully as possible to better play the role.

After the film’s screening at the Sundance Film Festival Friday, Kutcher warned against the dangers of such a diet.   “The fruitarian diet can lead to, like, severe issues.  I went to the hospital, like, two days before we started shooting the movie.  I was, like, doubled over in pain.  My pancreas levels were completely out of whack.  It was really terrifying, considering everything.”

Jobs, of course, died from pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011.    As my blogs indicated, there is evidence suggesting excess fructose consumption puts stress on the pancreas, and could lead to islet cell carcinoma.    Let Kutcher’s experience serve as a warning to those —  who like Dr. John McDougall —  maintain against all evidence that Jobs “excellent vegan diet” could only have helped.

The biopic opens in theaters this April.   Now that Kutcher has dropped  the fruitarian diet, let’s hope he returns to excellent health and drops the Jobs-like mannerisms and hunched over posture.   With luck, some fat and protein will —  like — improve his talking too!

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14 Responses to Ashton Kutcher Experiences Pancreatic Pain Playing the Role of Steve Jobs

  1. Von says:

    Dare say early damage in utero and involving early trauma and loss contributed significantly. Many adoptees suffer disease and sometimes rare diseases, not something yet properly researched or acknowledged but well known within the adoptee community world-wide.

    • admin says:

      Von, you are so right, and Jobs, of course, was adopted. That said, an appropriate omnivorous diet would have helped him gain the physical health and mental stability needed to better handle those core psychological issues.

  2. Buddy J Withers says:

    Dr McDougall doesn’t recommend a fruititarian diet whatsoever and would not refer to that as an ‘excellent vegan diet’. He recommends a low fat, starch-based diet with some veggies and fruits.

    • admin says:

      To Buddy, In the YouTube video discussed, McDougall does, in fact, refer to Jobs’s mostly vegan diet as having been excellent. And if he read the Walter Isaacson biography, as he also claims to have done, he could not have missed the fact Jobs was a lifelong proponent of fruitarianism.

    • admin says:

      In his YouTube lecture Dr. McDougall does, in fact, refer to Steve Jobs diet as mostly vegan and excellent. McDougall furthermore says he read the Walter Isaacson biography, which extensively documents Jobs’s lifelong heavy consumption of fruit and fruit juice.

  3. Morgan patton says:

    I absolutely agree maintaining a diet like this could be the ultimate cause of ones death or illness…. Speaking from experience not as extreme as I’m
    Clearly alive and well…. I am 27 years old and was a vegetarian and later converted pescatarian for a combination of the past 14 years of
    My life. In this past year I was experiencing extreme shakes, massive hair loss, fatigue, weakness and overall loss of energy and unusual weight gain that was impossible to lose. With a little research I learned that with my rare blood type of O- I should have been eating meat my entire life. During important years of my youth I substituted animal protein with soy proteins… Now when I first became vegetarian I made all my foods from scratch because products like “morning star” did not exist. Taking on certain diets such as fruitarian is not necessarily a healthy life choice depending on the individuls needs. That much sugar is not healthy for the body by any means, even though they are natural sugars its too much acid as well to maintain a healthy diet on a day to day basis. You’re basically sending your body onto an extreme sugar high!
    I find it interesting and ignorant for vegans, vegetarians or fruitarians to have the need to defend their choice of living so extremely. It’s a personal choice an individual can make but also needing to take into account not everyone will be agreeing with your choice. I never pushed my lifestyle choice on to anyone. To me it’s like becoming a crazy bible thumper insisting that my word and my belief is the only thing right. Unfortunately that’s not entirely true. So due to my strong love for animals and animal rights and treatment, I could not fathom the idea of eating meats or bi-products ever again. However it became a health issue for me that was undeniable and I would be in denial if I avoided it. So on the 4th of July this last year I became a meat eater once again. It was more mentally challenging than anything but of course experienced minor sickness for putting that type of protein back in my body, but it was nowhere close to the stories I heard that also made me fear eating meats again. So I don’t think your blog is out of line by any means. It’s all circumstantial and unfortunately diet has everything to do with how our bodies function on a daily basis.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for posting this! I kept telling my BF that I thought his frutarian diet led to his cancer from the over consumption of fructose. I am not at all surprised! People need to know this especially as juicing is becoming so popular. I love juicing and do it every day but all greens and no fructose! It’s almost worse for you than not juicing if you are juicing tons of fruit every day.

    • admin says:

      Take care with the green juicing too as we are getting increasing numbers of reports of people reacting to the high oxalates in spinach and other greens. More about that in my article “Plants Bite Back” is at

  5. colette says:

    Hi I’m a vegan and I’m so confused. I became vegan due to the cruelty to animals re factory farms and egg industry evils but I suffer from bad fatigue still all these months down the line. I’m just not sure anymore

    • admin says:

      I understand. I care about animals too. The solution is to support small local farmers who treat their animals well. Organic, grass-fed, free-range, pastured. . . You might find my blog “Keeping Mondays Meaty” of interest. I go into why an omnivorous diet with foods from small mixed-use farms are best for personal and planetary health. Good luck

  6. Truther says:

    “All evidence?” Well, I’m convinced. Lots of people do fine on fruitarian/vegan diets. What about that evidence?

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