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Building Poor Bones: The Sad Case of a 12 Year Old Vegan Girl in Scotland

Today’s blog concerns the extreme danger of vegan nutrition to babies and children and the sad fact that a 12 year old vegan girl from Scotland was hospitalized with the degenerating bones of an unhealthy 80 year old woman.    I’m guest blogging about this with Sarah Pope today over at The Healthy Home Economist.

Tragically, this is not the first time vegans have let their ideology overrule common sense when it comes to nutrition for babies and children.   Most cases have involved the hospitalization and death of babies from malnutrition caused by the use of soy milk instead of formula and a a few cases have involved the inadequate supply and quality of the malnourished vegan mother’s breast milk.   And now we have the case of a 12 year old who has already experienced multiple fractures and been diagnosed with a severe form of rickets.   With a diagnosis like that, her prognosis can only be grim.

FOX news covered this story a couple years back, but it was not widely circulated and there’s been no follow through.   For a full discussion, go to  The Healthy Home Economist




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13 Responses to Building Poor Bones: The Sad Case of a 12 Year Old Vegan Girl in Scotland

  1. Vegas Vegan says:

    FOX News is the source fo this. Doesn’t surprise me as this “story” is full of lies and only tends to scare people off. If you eat a variety of foods you will not have a problem with getting RDA of vitamins and minerals. The ONLY one missing is B-12 and that can be obtained very easily with a supplement. Calcium is found in most leafy green vegetables. Most commercial dairyless milks are fortified with Vitamins A & D. EHA/ALA is found in flax seeds or walnuts. I could go on but claiming that you can ONLY get nutrients from animal sources is an outright lie. BigAg wants you to believe that you need meat and dairy to get enough proteins and vitamins, but that is simply not the case.

    If you take a look at , and you will see CURRENT scientific-based, peer-reviewed vegan nutrition information that is comprehensive and helpful.

  2. The thing is, there have been healthy, thriving vegetarians and vegans for as long as there have been humans. Some were so do to moral or ethical concerns, others due resource utilization issues, others due to cultural taboos. All other factors being equal, the veg(etari)ans have thrived, and continue to do so.

    For some more recent historical examples of vegans, we can look at Pythagoras, the “Pythagoreans” (as vegans were called for the following 1300 years). Buddhists, Jainists, et al., have been doing grand as veg(etari)ans since around the 6th century BCE. There are many more examples, but the point is as it effect this conversation is that vegans have not and do not suffer greater occurrences of edge case conditions such as depicted in this article any more than the rest of the population, and it’s just silly to suggest otherwise.

    But then, this story is sourced from Fox “News”, so I suppose we shouldn’t expect much in the way of academic or scientific rigor in the reporting, eh?

    As an aside, for anyone who is interested in engaging the broader discussion of veganism, you can find a willing and interested group of folks in the Vegan community on G+:

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      Some vegetarians can thrive so long as they eat an abundance of animal products in the form of raw milk from pastured cows and eggs from pastured chickens. Veganism is a modern experiment. I strongly recommend reading Lierre Keith’s book “The Vegetarian Myth.” Here’s the link:

  3. Heart Light Holistics says:

    If you have to take supplements to ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals, don’t you think something is wrong with your diet? Veganism isn’t healthy for anyone.

  4. Bill says:

    No Homo Sapiens before the invention of agriculture followed any kind of vegetarian diet. After the invention of agriculture, some humans were forced into near vegetarian diets as slaves or serfs. In overpopulated areas, vegetarian diets became more common, rationalized for religious or cultural reasons. No society ever followed vegan diets before the modern, soy-fuelled epidemic that has ravaged the health of so many, myself included. Find your way out of the ideology. It’s an environmental and health disaster.

  5. Jenn Lenos says:

    I find it interesting how people jump on any instance they can find of children that are veg who are unhealthy (haven’t hear of a whole lot) but honestly there are MANY MANY more instances (THOUSANDS) daily in this country of unhealthy children who are not Vegetarian/Vegans, just look at any school yard or park and all the new cases of childhood type 2 diabetes. I’ll take my chances….

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      My colleagues and I have taken strong stances against the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the many health problems it causes, including poor bones. Sadly, the myth that vegan diets are superior, which has been widely propagated in the media, has disastrous effects on growing children, including the very sad case of this girl in Scotland.

  6. Sharon Anderson says:

    Anything taken to the extreme is unhealthy. A diet high in fat, a diet high in carbs or a diet high in protein taken to the extreme is not healthy. We are meant to eat a well rounded diet that includes all food groups, we evolved as hunter/gatherers and we have not changed in thousands of years.

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