Published on January 31st, 2014 | by DrKaayla

Are You Eating a Lot of Muscle Meat? Excessive Methylation Could Be Aging You.

Did you know the steaks, chops and other muscle meats recommended on many diet plans can cause premature aging and other health challenges?   The problem is excessive methylation.  A plant-based diet might seem to be the solution, but a better idea is “nose to tail” eating that includes organ meats, skin and plenty of bone broth.

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  2. Lora says:

    I would be more tempted to subscribe if you gave me real information as to why. Time spent telling me I am going to find complicated diagrams if I googled methylation would have better served by a 3 sentence explanation of methylation, and then I can go decide to look up more. You didn’t tell me why the vegans are partially right. I came out of this with no more knowledge than I had before, just teasers you didn’t fulfill.

  3. Alice says:

    Do all of the animal parts need to be eaten together in one sitting for this to be effective? For instance instead of having a steak for dinner and bone broth and liver the next day for lunch, should we be eating them together in the same meal?

  4. derek says:

    Cool post….I was just wondering about this yesterday because I eat a lot of steak, but I tried liver and heart and don’t really like them! 🙁

  5. JS Aprile says:

    Thanks Lora, I feel the exact same way. Blood tests show I Don’t
    methalyate and I still can’t quite figure out what that means without having a science background when I Google it! Layman’s terms please!

    • Methylation is the bodys way of repairing your damaged cells. Its also the way your cells make energy to make you go. For instance put the wrong type of gas in your car and it doesnt go. Nutients arent absorbed. Toxins compartmentalize in joints, the limbic system ect. And pathogens take over. You become chronically ill.

  6. Brian Quinlan says:

    I differ from the above people’s comments….
    I thought your explaination was right on target.
    I have been reading your entries, and I have listened
    to several of your videos. Most helpful
    Thank you,
    B. Q.

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