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Published on October 9th, 2017


Fermented Cod Liver Oil Infographic

FCLO Infographic by Dr. Kaayla Daniel

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3 Responses to Fermented Cod Liver Oil Infographic

  1. Shelly says:

    So what cod liver oil(s) do you recommend?
    Thank you.

  2. nancy henderson says:

    Good for you Kaayla. I relied on FCLO as the sole source of my Vit D, and as the WAPF does not advocate testing it– I went for years w/ a very low level despite sunning each day here in SoCal. It was about 31 when I finally did test– and when I asked Sally why my level was so low– she said Vit D was not so important– it was Vit A to pay attention to. Dave could not answer why the levels were so low– even in what he reported on his assays. He said each batch varied– but none of the batches had much in them, and he could not account for why in a reasonable way– yet on the WAPF site (which is what I relied on for my Vit D data– assuming it was correct) there was a huge discrepancy as CLO is supposed to be much higher than what Dave had. I had just assumed I was getting the correct amount.
    He always gave me questionable replies to my emails and then finally became testy that I would question why after my low report.
    THEN– I found out about the importance of Vit D and the 60,000 tests showing its importance. I fault WAPF for not coming up to speed on this very obvious omission — that also damaged my health. My problems was that I was relying on once source of health information, and was trusting a supplier that was both inept and unscrupulous.
    Thank you for bringing this out and for sticking to your guns. It is too bad politics has to enter into something so critical as our health– when we are so vigilant as to follow Weston Price’s diet. I think he would also agree this has been and continues to be a travesty.

    • DrKaayla says:

      Thank you so much for questioning WAPF and Green Pasture and for sharing the results. So many people have seen their health harmed by Sally Fallon’s opinions and recommendations, with the most harm coming from this one product.

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