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Published on December 25th, 2013 | by DrKaayla


Fit Santas Drink Raw Milk — Reindeer Milk

Does Santa Claus drink reindeer milk?    If he’s a fit Santa, he probably does.    It’s 22 percent fat,  just 2.4 percent milk sugar and perfect for low-carb fitness buffs.   As for those reindeer, it’s no wonder they turned out smart enough to find every house in the world without stopping for directions.

How does reindeer milk compare to other milks?   Full-fat cow’s milk is only about six percent fat, and the worst of all is donkey milk at only one percent.   If that doesn’t tell us something about the inadvisability of fueling our brains on skim milk, I don’t know what will!



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2 Responses to Fit Santas Drink Raw Milk — Reindeer Milk

  1. Amy says:

    Do the Sami ever drink it?

    • DrKaayla69 says:

      Yes, but in small amounts, mostly soured milk products. It takes two people to milk a reindeer, one to wrestle with the antlers and the other to do the milking. The whole operation is extremely labor intensive, with not much milk produced. I was surprised to find it’s a recent development. Seems intensive breeding began only 300-400 years ago.

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