Published on January 14th, 2014 | by DrKaayla

How’s Your Night Vision? Here’s What You Need to Know about Vitamin A

How did our ancestors navigate in the dark without street lights and flashlights?   They had good night vision, that’s what, and they had it because they valued Vitamin A-rich foods such as liver. Accordingly, cod liver oil is an important part of any Survivalist’s stash of emergency rations.

Given that night vision is not only important for survival, but a marker of good health, why not  start improving your  night vision right now? A high quality, traditional diet is crucial and Vitamin A from animal products is the number one thing we need. Vegan rhetoric, notwithstanding, beta carotene from carrots and other vegetables won’t do the trick.  Listen up to learn why.

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  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi there

    Was just reading up on this recommendation to take cod liver oil. We supplement using Nordic Naturals for ourselves and our children. We have friends that use the Rosita’s brand.

    In light of the Green Pasture’s FCLO debacle and that it seems Dr Price himself was concerned about rancidity in general – do you still (in 2018) recommend taking cod liver oil? And if so, are either/both of these brands safe to consume or are they likely to be rancid?

    Do you recommend any particular manufacturers or things to look for when selecting cod liver oil or fish oils generally?

    Many thanks

    Rebecca 🙂

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