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Published on January 14th, 2015 | by DrKaayla


Is your Thyroid a Pain in the Neck? Then It’s Time to Nourish It.

Suffering from thyroid belly, thyroid-induced anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, lethargy, malaise,  loss of libido  .  .  or  guilt from not living the life you are meant to live?

Then it’s time to nourish your thyroid.  How to do that?

Jen Wittman to the rescue with Your Best Thyroid Life Summit.    Jen once suffered from Hashimoto’s and was so frustrated with all the conflicting advice that once she healed, she vowed to cut through the confusion and make it her life’s mission to help others with thyroid problems.    For Your Best Thyroid Life, she interviewed me and 27 other top health practitioners who were willing to share practical strategies to heal your thyroid and vitalize your life.   It’s free to listen, just click here.

What’s to learn?

          • How to finally find the right doctor .  .  . and what tests to order
          • Ways to heal hypo, hyper and hash
          • Tips for insomnia, adrenal stress, MTHFR & leaky gut syndrome
          • How to stop sugar cravings — no willpower required
          • How thyroid imbalance can increase your risk of miscarriage
          • The subtle signs of hypothyroidism in infants and children
          • What to know about iodine  supplementation
          • How to stay motivated when you really don’t feel like exercising
          • How your thoughts affect your metabolism
          • Rewiring the brain to reduce stress and speed up healing  . . . and much, much more.

Frisky enough to join me?    Why wait?   Click here. 


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