Published on June 28th, 2015 | by DrKaayla

Salt! We “Old Salts” Need It and Here’s Why

Salt!  It’s the only rock we eat, and history’s most powerful condiment.  “Old salts” are wise men and women.  “Salt of the earth” refers to an unpretentious person blessed with common sense.   Animals in their wisdom seek out salt licks, paleo people favor the eating and drinking of salty blood and other animal parts, and biochemists know we need sodium and chloride for blood, sweat, tears, mucus and semen.

Textbooks “worth their salt” make this abundantly clear, yet US government guidelines now recommend drastic reductions in salt intake.  Although the food industry has relied on salt to make its products palatable and to increase beverage consumption, it plans to profit mightily by shifting from salt to salty sensations achieved artificially and addictively through the miracle of chemistry.

Sadly, low-salt diets increase the likelihood of heart disease, hypertension, cognitive decline, osteoporosis, insulin resistance and erectile dysfunction   Given today’s epidemic of chronic illness, that’s pouring salt on a gaping healthcare wound.  While it’s true we are ill served with the refined salts found in processed, packaged and fast foods, we can benefit immensely from shaking Celtic, Himalayan and other natural salts on real foods.

Want to know more about salt in history?  Mark Kurlansky’s your man.

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