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Published on January 16th, 2014 | by DrKaayla


The Naked Truth about Weight Loss

Are you ready to learn the naked truth” about weight loss? Is it possible without nasty cleanses, strict diet plans and beating yourself up with an overdose of willpower?   Can you create a body you love by creating a life you love?

The answer is YES, and I’m thrilled to join 22 other health experts in a FREE online event called The Naked Truth About Weight Loss.   My naughty friend and colleague Melissa Kathryn put this together so 22 of us can share our top secrets to lasting weight loss, optimal health, and love of self.     Priceless information, and best of all, it’s FREE.   It starts today and runs through January 30.  Learn all about it and register right now by clicking here. That will not only give you access to the interviews as they come up each day but immediate access to 22 amazing bonuses.

I’m especially looking forward to hearing Alex Jamieson, Dr. Josh Axe, Ameer Rosic (pictured here).    Dr. Jade Teta, Ashley Turner, Dr. Roberta Mittman, Christine Arylo, Liz DiAlto, Sandy Zeldes, Patricia Moreno, Teresa Tapp, Kerry Tepedino, Laura Fenamore, Rebekah Borucki, Summer Bock, Jennifer Powter, Lori Shemek, Ashley Turner, Holli Thompson and Emily Rosen.   Alex, you may know, was the vegan who talked about detoxification in the movie Supersize Me.    Last year, this high-profile vegan became a conscious omnivore, an action that angered vegans everywhere.   Like me, she’s been elected to the prestigious Vegan Hall of Shame.    I am honored and I hope she is too.

What will we all be talking about?  The top fat-burning foods, of course.  You might think you know those already, but we’ve got surprisingly delicious ones you might not have thought of before for weight loss.  We’re also sharing the secrets of revving up your metabolism, beating weight loss resistance, getting rid of cellulite, finding time for fitness, getting faster results at the gym, ending yo yo dieting, prioritizing self care on a busy schedule, falling in love with yourself, manifesting your deepest desires .  .  .  . and ending the frustration and stopping the struggle once and for all.

To learn more about all 22 speakers and their topics, click here.

Finally, it’s your lucky day to get lots of free gifts from the speakers.  Indeed,  why wait?   You can download them as soon as sign up to attend the free event.    And don’t forget share your aaahaa moments in the “comments” below.

Melissa Kathryn organized The Naked Truth About Weight Loss because she wanted to help thousands of people lose weight while experiencing freedom, fun and love.  Sound like just the thing for you? As the Naughty Nutritionist, I have to say Do IT, and do IT right now!


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