Published on January 3rd, 2013

The Naughty Survivalist: Bacon Stops Nosebleeds










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2 Responses to The Naughty Survivalist: Bacon Stops Nosebleeds

  1. Arthur Heyduck says:

    Bacon may be eaten smoked, boiled, fried, baked, or grilled, or used as a minor ingredient to flavour dishes. Bacon is also used for barding and larding roasts, especially game, e.g. venison, pheasant. The word is derived from the Old High German bacho, meaning “buttock”, “ham” or “side of bacon”, and cognate with the Old French bacon.,`.`

    • Dr. Kaayla says:

      Yup, and as Conan O’Brien has said, it’s the “fairy dust” of food — makes everything better!

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