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The Poop on MiraLAX

Is MiraLAX the New Vioxx?  That’s the provocative title of an article by Konstantin Monastyrsky, the author of Fiber Menace.

As of March 2012, the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System showed 2,257 “adverse events” ranging from forgetfulness to death caused by MiraLAX and other polyethylene glycol-containing “block buster” laxative drugs.    Movicol, Dulcolax, LAX-a-Day and a host of other over-the-counter “super poopers” have also been implicated.

The problem is “neuropsychiatric events.”    So far, FDA — in its usual “lax” fashion — has decided “no action is necessary at this time.”  Yet the laxatives could be contributing to a long list of central and peripheral nervous system disorders, including autism, dementia, depression, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

What’s the problem?   “Collateral damage” from polyethylene glycol,” which “shouldn’t surprise anyone, least of all seasoned pharmacists and medical doctors,” says Monastyrsky. “This industrial chemical is manufactured by Dow Chemical Company for use in wood treatments, paints, coatings, rubber, textiles, detergents and  toilet bowl cleaners.”

Toilet bowl cleaners?   Yes.  Shocking but true .   Could it be that Big Pharm has come out with a product that not only acts as an effective laxative but produces poop with its own built-in toilet cleaner!    (The Naughty Nutritionist here just can’t understand how Merck missed the opportunity to market it as a cost-effective  “two-for-the-price-of-one” product.)

Sadly, it’s not a joking matter.   As Monastyrsky explains:

“The same properties of PEG that make it an excellent toilet bowl cleaner, also wipe clean the mucosal membrane of the large intestine, leaving the colon unprotected and cancer-prone, a situation similar to a dry mouth.   On top of the mucosal membrane damage, a high osmotic gradient of polyethlene glycol solution decimates intestinal bacteria — decimates intestinal bacteria — single cell organisms — just as mercilessly as antibacterial soaps, antibiotics, or heavy metals.

“The resulting death of intestinal bacteria is called dysbiosis in the United States and disbacteriosis in the rest of the world.    Dysbiosis reduces primary immunity, causes a broad range of neurological and blood disorders, makes occasional constipation chronic and more severe, ensures lifelong dependence on laxatives, and is behind ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and colorectal cancer.”

And you thought laxatives just helped you poop!

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32 Responses to The Poop on MiraLAX

  1. Elisabeth Gibson says:

    It pays to do your own investigating anytime your doc asks (tells) you to put anything into your body. This is a fairly emotional subject for me, as my child has IBD, and he has had to use PEG ahead of several colonoscopies. Over the past few days (since this story broke), I’ve also been listening to some very angry parents of children with IBD and IBS who say that their children’s Specialists have had their kids on Miralax for months, and even years. I would like very much to trust my child’s doc to have the correct and complete knowledge concerning the meds he’s prescribing and recommending…I just cannot.

  2. Wondered why we would be seeing a laxitive on TV…must be expensive.

  3. Gudrun B says:

    i always new not to trust that stuff- either because big pharma is just making more money, or because of my “natural is better” view, may be both? turns out big pharma has done it again: NOTHING they make is good for you, not even poopin stuff! is there a conspiracy now or are we still debating?

  4. Suzanne says:

    Thank you Kayla for this wonderful information! I am an occupational therapist using Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) techniques to help heal the gut of a little CP 8y.o. girl who has been taking MiraLax for constipation for years. In IMT we have techniques to treat what we call “the no bowel syndrome” because the bowels have no integrity in the tissue and appear absent. This little girl has a pretty wonderful diet overall so I couldn’t really explain why her bowels were so affected. I immediately emailed your article to the parents and I have been reading the link from Monastyrsky. Thank you again for this information!

  5. robert smith says:

    call me in a month, we are eating receipes from the book called WHEAT BELLY

  6. Ruth Fix says:

    I have a son who has Down Syndrome. He’s battled chronic constipation his entire life. Without Miralax, his bowels, when palpated, feel like there are clay lumps inside. From time to time, if we try to use just prunes, aloe juice, oranges, grapes, etc. he still ramains backed up and pooping is like birthing a baby for him… very painful. I even use Young Living essential oils (Di-Gize and Peppermint) which works well on normal bowels, but his appear to have this same condition that you describe, Suzanne (i.e. the “no bowel syndrome”). Any suggestions as to what else to do besides Miralax? Something just as effective? I have not found it. I don’t trust big pharma either, and I have second-guessed my allergy doc before when I was pregnant bc he offered me a CLASS C antibiotic, and I called him on it. He looked it up, and sure enough I was right. I question EVERYTHING, but with Miralax, I feel that I’m just stuck using it because there’s not an effective alternative with my son. 🙁

    • admin says:

      I would recommend you go to Konstantin Monastyrsky’s website and read everything there on constipation, particularly as pertains to dysbiosis. In terms of a product, this could help Good luck.

      • Ruth Fix says:

        Thank you. I have recently come across a gentle cleanse from my naturopath and just as we started it, my son broke into a rash. However, it was related to strep (scarlet fever). We will get back on this and try 1 cap (recommended dose is 6 caps for gentle cleanse) and see if this helps him. It has a lot of good recognizable natural ingredients. 🙂 I’ll read the link though. And, thank you again for the info.

        • Toni Coleman says:

          I hope you found something. Massage and l-carnitine may help.

        • Jami says:

          Can you tell me if the cleanse that you were trying for your son worked? This whole Miralax thing was just brought to my attention and my son sounds very similar to yours – he’s been on it for 6 months and I don’t know what else I can use that will be as effective.

    • Marilyn Kaplan says:

      Ascorbate form of Vitamin C is the Best laxative! Neutral pH so it won’t burn the stomach. Dosage for Vitamin C is bowel tolerance….. that should say everything. It builds the body and doesn’t tear it down like the commercial laxatives!

    • Dee Dee says:

      I have a a teenage son that has mental health issues that have progressively gotten worse over the years. Was first diagnosed with ADHD at around 5 yrs. Later Tourette’s, then OCD, now autism and maybe even schizophrenia, even though all autism spectrum disorders were ruled out twice by panels of doctors at Johns Hopkins and University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Dr Oppenheimer who, at the time, was the authority on autism. When my son was little, he was advanced for his age and was a vibrant, inquisitive kid with lots of friends. Now his voice is flat, can’t look you in the eye when speaking, is introverted, and has no friends. He has seen more doctors than I can count and has been put on even more ADHD and anxiety meds–pretty much every one that has ever existed. When it was suggested that he be put on psychotic meds, I decided I had enough. He should have been getting better with all his treatments, not declining! That very next day I stumbled upon an article about probiotics… ; I decided to give kefir a try and, wow, what a difference! Then I started thinking about my son’s past. I finally realized that every time he declined in mental health, it always coincided with intestinal issues, long term, foul smelling flatulence or bad acne. This was usually preceded with a change or increase in medications. I started researching it out and believe he has suffered all along from leaky gut and leaky brain syndrome which causes brain fog (something my son has had problems with for years–he gets lost in the shower!) Here’s an excellent article that explains leaky brain.. ; then I stumbled upon Monastyrsky’s Miralax article and was dumbfounded. The doctors solutions to my son’s intestinal issues have always been to use Miralax, and lots of it. I was told it was completely safe. Just think what Miralax would do to someone with leaky gut and leaky brain syndrome! I’ve found there are several diets geared towards healing the gut… scd, paleo, etc. I’m leaning towards the I can’t say enough about kefir and fermented foods. Probiotic supplements didn’t help my son at all in the past. I haven’t gone full fledged on the diet, but when I cut out grains, sugars, preservatives, etc and give lots of probiotic foods, meats and fresh produce, my son is a different kid all around. Better focus then he ever had with his meds. Whenever he eats the bad stuff, he digresses and becomes edgy, irritable, has high anxiety and brain fog. Pleases research out probiotic foods for your child. My husband is a pediatric ophthalmologist and went to a recent lecture given by our local NICU doc. They have been finding that babies born c-section miss out getting good bacteria from their mother’s birth canal. Babies in the NICU suffer from severe intestinal problems. They have been finding that probiotics reverse these problems and prevent the babies from having to go to surgery. The only problem the NICU’s are finding are that probiotics are not approved by the FDA and so they aren’t supposed to give them probiotics in the hospitals. Can’t remember how they are working around this issue; something about prebiotics and symbiotics. I know this is a very long-winded post, but I had to get this all out! I hope my story can help someone else out there.

      • Anne says:

        polyethylene, generic name for Miralax is given to babies in the NICU in many medications all the time and it is not approved! The Empire State Consumer Project Petition to the FDA against Miralax is 30 pages of damning information with thousands of children suffering as your has. This is disgraceful and the FDA is way behind on putting a BLACK BOX WARNING On this drug with over 10,000 adverse event reports. The FDA did warn against “POSSIBLE NEUROPSYCHIATRIC EVENTS”, yet doctors seem to keep prescribing this poison. It is all too ludicrous for words! Big Pharma is a sham.

    • dkaj says:

      Have you tried milk of magnesia or magnesium citrate (natural calm)? If your child is NOT intolerant to wheat and you have a Great Harvest Bread store in your area, they make fresh bread daily that is made with freshly ground whole wheat right in their stores. The flour also is NOT bleached or bromated, like the flours in the store. Most store flours only utilize one portion of the wheat berry also, and the rest is discarded. And, even if a bread says that it’s 100% whole wheat or whole grain, the longer that flour or bread sits before it hits the store shelves and we purchase it, it’s lost most of it’s beneficial nutrients. That’s when freshly ground is best. If your son can’t do wheat, you could freshly grind some other grains. When the wheat berries are freshly ground, and they keep all the layers of the wheat berry in the flour, it is much better fiber also. . But, I don’t know your son’s GI conditions, and for some wheat wreaks havoc on them. But, if he’s ok with it, you could give this a try. Great Harvest makes a 100% whole wheat cinnamon chip bread that is to die for. It’s expensive, but if it works, you could always try to duplicate their recipe at home, by grinding your own wheat berries. I would sift the flour after you grind it to make sure you don’t have bigger chunks in it, and get it as smooth as possible. And, then either buy cinnamon bites on line, or making your own cinnamon chips. The Hershey cinnamon chips sold in stores have absolutely no cinnamon in them. Best wishes.

    • kelly says:

      maybe enulose will help? research it.

    • mike k says:

      I would suggest a magnesium supplement; something like blue ocean minerals(which I take myself and are very effective), vitality natural calm, cellfood…..there are many options. Have you looked into the FB Group Parents against miralax?

    • Rebecca says:

      Please look up Hirschsprungs Disease. It is rare, but often the cause of chronic constipation. There are things that can often be done to correct it. It is not always on a Dr.’s radar. Ask to have him tested. They nearly missed it on my son.

  7. hgh reviews says:

    You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  8. Anne says:

    Miralax side effects
    Polyethylene glycol also kills and causes permanent and temporary neurological damage as well as other damages.
    Miralax also known as polyethylene glycol with many other trade names is often used as an over the counter laxative or colonoscopy prep causing kidney damage with possible renal failure.
    reported to the FDA and/or
    by parents of children who were given Miralax or the FaceBook Site “PARENTS AGAINST MIRALAX” with over 600 members
    (more side effects reported since compiled)
    Phobias, unexplainable fears
    Extreme nervousness
    Obsessive-Compulsive behavior
    Scratching, biting (self and others)
    Memory loss
    Mood swings
    Bipolar disorder
    Progressive lack of communication
    Communication loss
    Loss of concentration
    Vertigo while lying down
    Anger, often unexplainable
    Metabolic acidosis which causes extreme confusion
    Clawing sister’s eyes
    Sensitivity to sound
    Motor skills affected
    Inability to focus
    Mumbled speech
    Gait disturbances
    Many reports of TICS
    Constant throat clearing
    Obsessive finger licking
    Thumb sucking
    Feelings of something dripping down face
    Compulsive bad thoughts
    ‘Meltdowns’ over homework
    ‘Meltdowns’ over trivial things
    ‘Panic’ behavior
    ‘Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde behaviors
    ‘Wave pool feeling’ when trying to go sleep
    “Autistic” like behavior
    Hepatic enzyme increased
    Incorrect drug administration
    Memory impairment
    Concentration issues
    Balance issues
    Middle insomnia
    Nervous system disorder
    Personality change
    Pale color
    Classic dark circles under eyes indicative of Miralax toxicity
    Swollen tongue
    Oral pain
    Bloody noses
    Drug induced asthma
    Pneumonia from aspiration
    Feelings of suffocation
    Frequent Bloody noses
    Double vision-felt like bed was falling out from under her
    Complete fear of everything
    Unexplainable outbursts frustrating to child and parents
    Complaints of burning and itching internally
    Distended stomach with X-ray showing huge air pockets
    Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    Hand flapping
    Lipodystrophy acquired
    Urinary reflux
    Urinating blood
    Frequent reports of children presenting with symptoms of a UTI (urinary tract infection) with frequency, urgency and burning upon urination, but unable to confirm bacteria as cause
    Invasive Scope revealed inflamed and bloody around irritated areas
    Weight increased
    Balance disorder
    Exacerbation of gastroesophageal reflux
    Incorrect drug administration duration
    Oropharyngeal pain
    Hair falling out
    Hair loss
    Severe back pain
    Off label use
    Vocal chord disorder
    Robot like speech
    Thus us one case of young girl, age six profoundly affected by MIRALAX: (but representative of many other cases-often of children labeled as Autistic)
    Scoring below age level on test after Miralax started, before all test within normal range
    After Miralax daughter no longer met expected developmental milestones
    Scratching others
    Difficulty falling asleep every night (4-5 hours to fall asleep)
    Wakeful during night
    “falling to pieces” within first four days on Miralax
    Unrelieved constipation
    Worsening behavior as days of Miralax progressed
    Irritable fussy
    Frequent hysterical crying
    Unable to appease, no matter what
    Unable to calm down once upset
    Unable to listen
    Frequent unexplainable loss of temper
    “possessed by the devil”
    Refused to get dressed
    Would fight constantly with mother
    Constantly pulling clothes off once mother got them on
    Constantly wanting to be naked, appeared miserable, ‘wanted to get out of her skin’
    Atypical behavior
    Frequent kicking and screaming
    Frequent ‘acting up’
    Communication loss. With robotic like talking (mother states this has not resolved years later and daughter will talk like this 1-2 X week)
    Emesis would ‘bleach’ stains on the carpeting months after Miralax given
    Throat burn
    Esophageal irritation
    Porous teeth
    Accelerated tooth decay
    (Miralax is suspect by many of interfering with bone marrow production and bone development, hence poor growth during time of administration) Oxidation interfering with proper cell division. This is why children respond so well and improve with anti-oxidant therapies.
    Bowel and bladder issues within a week of starting Miralax
    Age six female never had accident until Miralax started, then within one week unable to urinate or defecate at all, even though urges to do both were present, started soaking three pull ups a night with visible crystals in urine, then sudden onset of asthma requiring respiratory treatments around the clock, aspiration confirmed, became anxious and sensitive, mother had to begin homeschooling, but daughter unable to focus, she complained she felt like she was being held underwater, unable to maintain body temperature and spiking fevers, GERD and chronic cough with myriad of other symptoms on this list, at 3caps of Miralax a day, mother reports her daughter was not her healthy, happy, sweet, curious, imaginative little girl any longer. Mother concerned she was dying. Multiple drugs prescribed to offset Miralax side effects. Three months after stopping Miralax daughter began returning to normal. After six months mother is convinced Miralax poisoned her daughter. Three years later daughter still has painful urination and bedwetting continues since Miralax started at age six.
    Unable to successfully potty train for two years after giving Miralax.
    Brain swelling confirmed by lab work and pediatric neurologist and treated with Prednisone.
    The above case should explain why any doctor suggesting Miralax is safe is not aware of potential issues reported in other children. All doctors need to be educated about the FDA Petition against Miralax.
    Most doctors are upset when they become aware of the over 7,070 reports.
    Off label prescribing can be reported to your state medical board. The only way we can get doctors to stop recommending this to children is to hold doctors accountable.

    life threatening with a minimum of 3 fatal cases documented and several more suspected
    Violent behavior
    Suicidal thoughts (age 6)
    Paranoia/bizarre hiding
    Anti-social behavior
    Slurred speech, whispering
    Skin disorders
    Keratosis pilaris – chicken skin, what appears to be Miralax particles trying to exit the body through the skin, primarily on the arms and legs
    Many parents report that Miralax does not work and the dosage is continually increased by the doctor…
    Homicidal ideation
    Above paper written in 2008 asserts drug PEG-interferon may cause homicidal ideation in some people
    Homicide (14 year old boy shot and killed his father, stating he did not know why. He reported feeling like he was in a shell and was paranoid. The prepubescent brain in a male is the same size it will be at age 25, however the skull is much smaller. Brain swelling can cause Central Nervous System Irritability. A hyponatremia (low sodium) can cause a metabolic acidosis. In other words Polyethylene glycol, like all other drugs can cause a “substance induced toxic psychosis”.

    Polyethylene glycol is used as a humectant to moisten dog food.
    Many dogs suffer from seizures and must be medicated, often diagnosed with epilepsy…?

    There are other symptoms that have been reported to the FDA…
    Please Call
    1-800-FDA-1088 if you have not filed a report.
    You can insist on completing a report of an adverse reaction over the phone and request a copy.

  9. Angelique says:

    I can’t imply enough how much I hate Miralax. I was hospitalized last summer for blood clots in the vein that drains the small bowel so nothing was going anywhere due to poor blood flow to the organ. I hadn’t been able to produce a bowel movement for about 3 weeks and had no urge to so the hospital gave me Miralax since the other stool softener hadn’t worked. I poured the powder in some juice and drank it. Almost immediately I became hot and nauseous. I tried to eat some of my food that had just arrived thinking it might help. Big mistake! A few minutes later I felt really ill. I was dizzy, feet and hands were on fire and itching, heart racing, short of breath, sick to my stomach, etc. I got up to go to the bathroom and it was coming out of both ends. I even pooped my pants before I could get to the bathroom. When I got back to my bed I called the nurse and said I think I’m having an allergic reaction. No one came. About 10 minutes later I called the nurses station again and still no one came. Finally when the tech came to take my vitals I told her what had happened and she said my blood pressure was elevated and so was my heart rate. She notified my nurse who just came in and said, Hum I’ve never heard of that, and walked off. Nice huh. None of the doctors were notified or anything. So yeah I’m not happy with the drug or the hospital. Stay far, far away from that stuff. If I ever get constipated again I will use powdered vitamin c or nature calm which is just magnesium and it doesn’t take much to work. I have had great success with both but unfortunately when you’re in the hospital you are at their mercy which doesn’t include anything natural at all. Even the food is about as unhealthy as you can get. I find it quite ironic and sad.

  10. Sad mother says:

    My daughter tried to drink the miralax in her water tonight, and spent 2 hours crying saying her throat was on fire. I almost took her to the ER. Eating a banana cascaslmed her down. I’m never giving it to her again.????

  11. Sheila Lowry says:

    What if you have slow motility? I have gone 6 weeks without a bowel movement. and then only after vomiting for days and using an enema. what works besides Polyethelyne Glycol? it is not as effective as it was 4 years ago when the dr. put me on it. Help please…

    • DrKaayla says:

      I would recommend you work closely with an alternative MD, naturopathic doctor or other alternative health care practitioner who can help you find a better solution. Good luck.

  12. Fran says:

    I take it twice a day and I love like a charm and I never get backed up anymore

    • DrKaayla says:

      Glad it’s helped you. You may want to talk with your MD about whether it might be advisable to wean off it before problems begin. It’s not meant to be used long term.

  13. Christine says:

    Is there any information on how long any side effects last, how do you know if there are permanent effects?

    • DrKaayla says:

      I think it’s going to vary from person to person and depend on factors like age, dose and duration. I’d recommend working closely with an alternative MD or naturopathic doctor or another alternative health practitioner.

  14. proxy list says:

    Hi,I check your The Poop on MiraLAX Your writing style is awesome, keep it up!

  15. Paulette Mullin says:

    My GI Dr put me on miralax when I found out it was a toxic substance I quit taking it. Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother works gently….I take 1 tablespoon in water 2x daily.It helps get you going and feeds your gut biome so your good probiotics make more and I don’t have to take any others because my bodie is growing them themselves! I also at times use powdered
    Magnesium when I need to.

  16. SP says:

    How about eating 3 or 4 prunes or drinking a glass of the juice?
    Orange juice has worked as well, and others I know swear by flax seed oil/efa’s.
    It might take a couple of tries over a day’s time, but it’s never taken any longer than a day to clear anyone in my family if any age using these simple things and paying attention to a balanced diet and regular, even gentle body movement and stretching (which actually massages internal organs and brings blood flow where it’s needed.)
    Why pay $10-15 for something artificial with concerning side effects when you can simply use food that’s already good for you?

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