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Published on June 17th, 2013 | by DrKaayla


Too Busy for Real Food? Two Outsourcing Secrets to Help You Make It Fast, Easy and More Economical

What’s the secret to being fruitful and frisky for life?  Real foods, whole foods and slow foods.   That’s the dietary foundation, and it’s best if the foods are sustainably grown, bought from farmers we know and trust, and cooked at home the old-fashioned way from scratch.

That’s the ideal, but it’s guilt tripping a whole lot of people who —  for whatever reason — can’t do this 100 percent of the time.   Although there are many tricks to succeeding — I favor making lots of soups and stews, using crockpots and freezing ahead —  the reality is, lots of stressed and busy people eat out at least several times a week or skip meals and snack all day.  Others who are exhausted, ill, elderly or living alone find it too much trouble to cook regularly.    As for shopping, Farmers’ Markets and Farm visits can be fun activities for the whole family.    But not all of us have good local options, and some of us are just too darn busy to go every single week without fail.

What to do?   Everyone who’s read Tim Ferris’s book The Four Hour Workweek knows the value of outsourcing whenever possible to get things done that absolutely need to be done but don’t fit into our busy schedules.     Foodwise, here’s two options I like:

Menu PlanningServices.   Emily Bartlett of Holistic Squid  offers a supermeal-plan service that’s perfect for people who can do it themselves but just need a boost in the form of help with menu planning, shopping, and ideas for leftover use.   Emily’s service simplifies things and saves money too.   It works well whether you do the cooking yourself or are lucky enough to have a housekeeper or nanny whose duties could include some shopping and cooking.

Home Delivery.   Get first-class frozen meals delivered to your door.  The only brand I like is Artisan Bistro.   The Artisan Bistro meals are not only surprisingly tasty but free of the unhealthy ingredients that mark nearly all packaged and fast foods.   The meals were designed by two of my favorite health food experts JJ Virgin of The Virgin Diet fame and James LaValle, RPh, CCN, who helped me earn my Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) credential back in 2001.    Specifically, Artisan Bistro meals are:

  • Gluten free
  • Peanut free, with many dairy, nut and soy-free options
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added MSG and free of hydrolyzed and most other ingredients likely to contain MSG residues from processing
  • No Pesticide Sprayed VegetablesNo Farmed FishNo Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMOs)
  • No High Fructose Corn SyrupNo Artificial Additives & Sweeteners
  • No Trans FatsPackaging is food grade quality and BPA-free

Fair to say, these meals are nothing like  the TV dinners we might have grown up on!     To look at the menus and learn more about Artisan Bistro meals, click here.  For a ten percent discount on your first Artisan Bistro order, here’s the code:  679102.

Let me know if any of these options work for you.




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