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Transparency, Blackouts, Doses and Grand Tours: My Response to the Healthy Home Economist  

This weekend Sarah Pope wrote me about my report Hook, Line and Stinker: The Truth about Fermented Cod Liver Oilcalling it a “bombshell” and saying “The biggest problem is the DNA tests coming back as Alaskan pollack.  I don’t eat ANYTHING out of Alaska anymore due to Fukushima and had been told that the ‘cod’ used by GP (Green Pasture) came from North Atlantic Arctic waters. But again, this was a number of years ago.  Supply lines have clearly changed.”

By Monday, Pope apparently decided to bury that personal concern and adopt the official party line.  As she wrote in her blog Response to Dr. Daniel’s Report on Fermented Cod Liver Oil,  “Alaskan Pollock is cod.”

First of all, thank you, Sarah, for confirming what Green Pasture has encouraged many of us to believe — that the company was using cod livers from the North Atlantic.  In fact, as my DNA testing has shown, it’s pollock livers from Alaska.  But while it’s true that Alaskan pollock is a member of the cod family, Green Pasture’s labeling of their pollock liver oil as “cod liver oil” is deceptive to consumers.  It denies us the right to know and make our own choices.

As a consumer, I do not give David Wetzel or Sally Fallon Morell the right to decide for me that pollock is the same as cod.  That is no different from Monsanto saying GMO corn is “substantially equivalent” to organic corn.


In her recent blog, Pope criticized my report saying, “The labs used to run these tests are unnamed with the letterhead blacked out on the actual lab reports. This is highly unorthodox and is a major red flag. There should be complete transparency here. If the lab work is credible and authentic, the lab should be more than willing to put its name behind the data like is done for other scientific research. “

This is not “highly unorthodox” and it should not be “a red flag.”  To order testing, I was required to sign legal documents saying I would not publish the reports.  This is standard procedure with most laboratories and I stated this within the report.  My choices were to blacken out the company names and letterhead, retype all the data, or not share the data at all.  On the Green Pasture website, David Wetzel has shared his data in spread sheets.  No labs are named.  Most companies do the same.  I am sure we would all like the labs to allow “complete transparency.”

Some labs will agree to full publication provided substantially higher fees are paid. The tests I had done cost close to $10,000 and this investigation took many months, creating a real hardship for me and my family.  Doubling or tripling the costs would not have been an option.


Pope and others have criticized the fact that I did not fully disclose my sources of funding.  To Pope this “raises another serious red flag” and she asks, “Were these other funding sources third parties who stand to financially gain from damaging results?”

Let’s be clear here:  Funding covered the costs of lab testing, product purchase and Fed Ex shipments.  No one paid me at all for the considerable time and effort I put into this project. Dr. Ron Schmid and the other individuals who helped with the costs of the testing  wanted to know the truth, good or bad. They did not feel they would get it from the Weston A. Price Foundation because of its long-term association and financial relationship with Green Pasture.  The reason these individuals requested anonymity is they feared that the very act of questioning Green Pasture products would jeopardize their relationship with Sally Fallon Morell and result in their being denied opportunities to write for the journal, serve as chapter leaders, speak at conferences and exhibit at conferences.  All readily agreed to my condition that I would publish all the data and that they would have no control over my discussion of it.  Some expected the data would cast doubts on the safety and quality of the Green Pasture products. Others hoped the products would be shown as safe and nutrient rich as claimed.  All wanted to know the truth.


Many people have questioned why I did not accept an all-expense paid trip to Wetzel’s facility to see his methods for myself.  As Pope puts it, “According to a very reliable source, Dr. Daniel notified Dave Wetzel of her concerns regarding the fermented cod liver oil being rancid a year ago, and he responded with an invitation to fly her out to his facility immediately at his expense and spend as much time as she’d like to thoroughly investigate his methods. .  . .   Why Dr. Daniel didn’t respond to his efforts to address her concerns remains unanswered.”

Why this remained unanswered is that no one asked me!  And since Pope has been calling me out on “lack on transparency,” who is that “reliable source” she mentions?  The reason I declined to take the trip is this:  Doctors are frequently criticized for “educational” trips paid for by Big Pharma — and for good reason!  They learn exactly what the manufacturer wants them to learn, and there is a strong likelihood that their objectivity will be swayed by the hospitality.  This is the reason most journalists consider it unethical to take all expense paid “junkets” from the subjects of their articles or investigations.  They either pay for the trip themselves, get their employer to pay, or don’t go. I believe bloggers and WAPF board members should hold themselves to the same standard.

Last winter, I told Wetzel I could not accept his all-expense paid visit, but would be willing to visit at my own expense. He then informed me that I could come but his lawyer would be present at all times.  At that point, I decided not to travel because it would have cost me more than $2000  — $3000 if I brought a needed witness.  I needed that money for lab testing.  It was also totally obvious that I would see nothing that he did not want me to see.  In terms of my “education” about the Green Pasture process, I had already talked to Wetzel in depth on many occasions.  And every time, without fail, my specific questions were met with evasive and vague answers, plus a lot of mumbo jumbo along the lines of “We know there are thousands of healing molecules in there that science struggles to find.”


Pope has written that Dr. Ron Schmid by his own admission developed a serious heart condition because he “took ‘excessive amounts’ of 1-3 Tablespoons per day … up to 9X the recommended daily dosage.”

Yes, he did and he has shared his experience in the hope of helping others.  And I know for a fact that he was not alone in what Pope describes as “extreme behavior.”  Several years ago, Sally Fallon Morell routinely advised people take such high doses of fermented cod liver oil.  As she said to me,“Kaayla, women like you and me need 3 tablespoons a day to stay healthy, productive and cope with all the stress.”

I ignored that “extreme recommendation,” and am very glad I did!

Hook-Line-Stinker-Ka#CFF6D2Have you downloaded your free copy of the FCLO report yet?   Click here. 

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49 Responses to Transparency, Blackouts, Doses and Grand Tours: My Response to the Healthy Home Economist  

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  2. GB says:

    golly Martha, now I really wonder what they gave me every winter in my childhood! It was a white horrible tasting paste called “Lebertran” (cod liver oil). Well, at least the pollution part was of no concern.
    I strongly agree that anything in excess is not good. It saddens me though, that you really cannot trust any company any more.
    Thanks for doing the research and not going on all expenses paid trips to check things out, it speaks highly for you! I had been wondering why GP offered that, it even sounded fishy to me (pun intended).
    May you never get so caught up in your own work that you cannot correct bias!
    How about running for president? Nah, politics just corrupts people, stay true to who you are!

  3. Julie Burns says:

    Thank you Kayla for your excellent work on this critical topic. I can’t imagine how many hours you put into producing and sharing this information and I am very grateful to have it to share with so many others who will benefit. Thank you for sharing the truth.

  4. shea says:

    many of these rebuttals are exactly what I had been thinking this entire time. from the pollock/cod switch out to the paid junket trips. and i have personally heard both sally and sarah recommend high doses of the FCLO. still on the fence….i guess not wanting to believe?

  5. JM says:

    thank you for hauling things out in the open,
    I really admire that!

  6. Jillian says:

    Hi Kaayla,

    I’ve been taking Green Pastures FCLO for just about 5 months (2 oz per day using the dropper it comes with to measure). When I began taking it, I noticed my acne start to clear up, so I’ve been a FCLO fan since then. Recently, I did start noticing that I was having pain in my chest every time I did heavy lifting with my personal trainer after taking the FCLO. I don’t know if it’s at all related, but I did ask my trainer about it just last week (before hearing about the controversy with GP FCLO and didn’t connect it with the FCLO) and he said that it’s normal to get chest pains like that while exercising. I’ve been reading both sides of this debate and still not sure if FCLO is “bad” or “good.” I’ve stopped taking the FCLO for now until I know more and can make an informed decision.

    My question is, what are your thoughts/opinion about Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil?

  7. Mia says:

    You are talking about Transparency?
    Reveal your tests!
    This reply, your reply is nothing but evasive and vague like you said about others, for idiots who believe that rats don’t have bile if they don’t have a gallbladder.
    I was waiting for a better post but I am starting to believe more and more that it’s all about vendeta.

  8. Steve says:

    Thank you for your response.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the reliable source was Sandrine Love, who says in a comment on this post, that she was copied on the invitation. Some other things on which you might want to follow up. She also insinuates again that you never responded to Dave’s invitation, unless you have written documentation of some sort, a phone record, etc. I don’t know who she is but she sounds very close to the situation as apparently she has access to all of Dave’s email records. She also states that Green Pasture uses 90% Atlantic Cod and only 10% Alaska Pollock. If true, I guess you won the lottery with your DNA test. She further states that Dave would have put that information on the bottle if you’d asked. Easy enough to say after the fact and/or in the light of irrefutable proof. Much harder to believe when he has been less than forthcoming about sourcing and methods through the years.

    You’re right that the cod vs pollock is the same as GMO corn vs organic. The FDA doesn’t allow pollock to be labeled as cod, and the USDA regs wouldn’t allow GMO corn to be labeled organic. Regardless of what the scientific community might think, regardless of whether common people think like us think it is basically the same thing, Alaska Pollock is not allowed to be labeled as “Cod”.

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  10. liz says:

    What is a fish oil you would recommend? Is there one that does not go rancid?

  11. Talitha says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Beware of the same pitfalls mainstream nutrition and big pharma stand accused of.

  12. Katherine Atkinson says:

    No Dr. Daniel, I have not downloaded your expose’. I’m extremely disappointed by the method you chose to disclose your data. Is there a reason you chose to present your information to a select number of individuals and the world before sharing your findings with Dave Wetzel or the WAPF?

    One commenter explained it this way:

    “I am a business coach and I help people to find peaceful and positive solutions to problems like this. The goal is never to hurt or destroy anyone, we want to find a win-win situation every time. People, even very intelligent individuals need an independent coach to help them with tricky professional decisions like this. If this goes badly it could ruin her reputation and career. So far there is no winners in this fiasco.

    If I was advising Dr Daniel I would have suggested the following:

    1) Have an independent and emotionally neutral third party read the document and remove anything that was not 100% objective, provable, reason and fact (i.e. eliminate the emotionalism and anything that resembles a personal or character attack). Keep it cold, keep it clinical, keep it brief. The overly emotional presentation of the research has made rational discussions about it almost impossible and seriously tainted its validity.

    2) Present the findings privately to GP and WAPF. Ask them to prepare a rebuttle with in two weeks (or a month).

    3) One month after sharing the research with GP and WAPF privately release the findings (hopefully with the rebuttals) to a limited group of people who have knowledge on the topic and subject matter experts who can help to clarify the situation. Ask for written second opinions and critiques from other experts. Include even the opinions that disagree with your findings.

    4) Go back to GP and WAPF with your findings and give them another period to respond to the second opinions. Let them know you will release the findings at a certain date.

    5) Finally, release to the public the whole thing, initial research, rebuttals (if they were given), second opinions, everything.

    That is how a professional must handle something of a serious nature like this. It takes time and effort to do it right, but it can protect you from a lawsuit, ruined career and damaged reputation.”

    While I understand and appreciate your passion for the subject, it’s clear from the way you handled your data that finding a peaceful and positive solution was not your motivation or intent.

    Emerson said something that seems appropriate in this situation, “Your actions are so loud that I can’t hear your words.”

    • DrKaayla says:

      As I discussed in the report, I did my best to have this matter investigated properly within WAPF last fall. It was made totally clear to me that any findings not favorable to David Wetzel and Green Pasture would be suppressed.

    • STG says:

      Condescending and sanctimonious!

  13. Joy Martin says:

    Thanks so much for clearing up Sarah Pope’s attack on you. Interesting to me, among many, many other things is her privately telling you she was alarmed about Green Pastures using Alaskan Pollack coming from Pacific waters ,and she never ate anything from the Pacific because of Fukushima. A year after Fukushima I sent in some comments about the dangers of radiation still spewing into the ocean and that it would be prudent not to eat pacific salmon or even west coast produce. She took my comments off as soon as possible and made some statement that there has been no government warning about any radiation in the United States from Fukushima, I think at the time she was pushing Alaska Salmon. I am so glad you addressed her accusations one by one. I felt that they were off and did not know enough to confront her on them. She certainly knows how to salute the Sally flag.
    It is hard for me to understand why anyone, especially a real food person, so adamant about health and the dangers of big pharma products and vaccinations and GMOs would continue, or say she and her family will continue, to take the fermented cod oil, when your report shows so many discrepancies
    with the official version and that it could very well be damaging to the body.. And the fact that she called and talked to you and then tries to discredit what you honorably and honestly did by calling some of those honorable things red flags. And dragging some of her following along with her, How does she sleep at night,? My God, when I read some of the other health blogs talking about this whole thing, all of them who had used the fermented oil, instantly stopped, and one poor woman could not apologize enough for telling her readers to take it. If I had a health blog and thought for a second that some product I recommended might not be what it’s makers claimed or there was any slight chance it may hurt people, I would instantly tell them to stop using it, and I would not let my kids or husband or myself touch it either. If you heard Sally say that people like you and she needed 3 tablespoons a day, then surely Sarah heard it too. At least some people on Sarah’s blog have stopped taking it and believe your report. The woman who sells me raw milk and I both have had run ins with Wetzel. He was probably nicer to you, but he was pretty nasty and superior to us when we asked some basic questions about testing for radiation and of course would not tell us the name of the test or what type of radiation was tested for. I even got a ” How dare you imply…” email from the some one at the company. And one poor girl on one of the health blogs got her written letter back from him with red marks all over it correcting her punctuation and grammar. She said she took her money back and limped away. She said she was glad that Karma had come around and put some red marks on his life! Thanks so much for blowing the whistle on the sad dishonesty of the tainted ones at Weston Price and Green acres. And for saving so many people from God knows what kind of bodily damage.
    I wish the Nobel prize for you!!!..

  14. Colombo says:

    Well, the relationship between Green Pasture and WAPF should have been a big red flag.

    I would have accepted the paid trip to the manufacturing facility, on the condition that no executive or salesperson or lawyer will show me anything, and that only the workers there would be able to tell me exactly what they are doing. Granted, workers have a vested interest in keeping their jobs, but if they do anything wrong it would be much easier to see. If I owned a supplement making facility, I would not allow a researcher to investigate without my direct supervision, or the supervision of a well trained executive, even if everything in the facility and in the processes was peachy perfect. I think this two positions, that of the researcher and that of the manufacturer, should be obvious to anyone.

    Some poet once wrote: be the change you want to see in the world.

    Well done, Dr. Daniel!

    • DrKaayla says:

      I talked with several ex employees at Green Pasture who were present when bloggers such as Sarah Pope took their tours. They told me my “tour” would have planned carefully in advance, all incriminating evidence removed, and the facilities cleaned up and staged for the visit. I would have escorted throughout with no opportunity to wander and investigate for myself.

  15. Amanda says:

    I’m sorry, but this just sounds like a lot of lame excuses to me and frankly I don’t buy it. What good are these test results if we can’t verify their authenticity and accuracy? Furthermore, why would anyone trust that they are legit based off of your word alone? Especially when your report reads like a malicious tirade rife with over-the-top accusations and personal opinion? Transparency is absolutely necessary when making accusations like this, and these excuses are unacceptable. Try again.

  16. Ann says:

    Please reveal all of the names and companies who gave you funding for this. Thank you.

    • DrKaayla says:

      The people who funded the lab testing — no one paid me anything for the months I spent on the investigation — are all loyal members of WAPF who asked me to keep their names confidential because of their desire to continue work as WAPF chapter leaders, speakers, writers and exhibitors. Dr. Ron has allowed use of his name as a contributor.

  17. L says:

    Thank you for the report and for this response! I have bought the product before but always found it unsettling to find very little data on the product’s website about levels of A, D, and K. I remember the explanation given last time I looked was that this was a whole food product and that somehow this implied that it did not need to be tested or reduced to its individual components. I appreciate the effort taken to produce this report. Consumers can decide what to do with this data. Personally, I will listen to my intuition – the hand waving from Green Pasture’s side is a red flag and I’m better off ordering a product that offers consistent results.

  18. Gary says:

    Thank you, Kaayla. I only took about 1/2-1 tsp. of the product daily for about five years, but stopped when I ran out in May, partly due to financial considerations, and partly due to it being vitamin D season. I tend to believe I can get all the nutrients my body needs from high-quality, nutrient-dense food and the sun, anyway. Several things in your report struck me as alarming: 1. The presence of 3.22% trans fat (this was truly alarming-Dr. Kummerow believes trans fats are responsible for sudden death). 2. Vats of livers in greenhouses. Mary Enig taught us that unsaturated fats are fragile. I have a greenhouse, so I know it can get hotter than blazes in there, even on a cool, cloudy day. How this is part of the deception I won’t speculate upon, but it makes no sense. 3. Passing Pollock off as cod. This is deceptive. I’ve attempted to engage Dave in small talk in those random encounters at the conferences, without success; he always seems to be cagey, which doesn’t engender trust.I’m also terribly concerned about the survival of the foundation. The four conferences I’ve attended have been the highlight of my year, wonderful learning experiences with exceptional people. I’ve already paid for Anaheim, but wonder if I should renew in January. Here in California we have formed an amazing alliance of fine folks from incredibly diverse political persuasions to fight forced vaccination. I’m gathering signatures every day, educating people in the process, and this is uplifting. The nastiness (Dr. Ron) around FCLO is an annoyance, but you stick to your guns. I have no doubt the this is a phony product.

  19. I don’t have to tell you that I find your report to be excellent investigative reporting. Having worked in big pharma, I completely agree that there is always a big payoff for docs and employees who take such trips. You’ve done the right thing as I haven’t trusted Wetzel for a long time. He’s clearly been hiding things. On the other hand, your report adds up.

  20. Amanda says:

    I see that you are not only censoring the lab names and funding sources of your “report,” but also public commentary on this blog. Not a big fan of transparency, are you Kaayla??

    • DrKaayla says:

      Legal requirements kept me from sharing the lab names. Likewise Green Pasture has removed lab names and put its data into spread sheets on its website.
      I am behind on approving these comments. They are not censored.

  21. Renata says:

    I have been following and in contact with people about this sounds to me doesn’t know well what he is doing…. I was his client but I feel frauded and he needs to assume legal responsibility. I think his product is indeed rancid

  22. P.Ridley says:

    Sally Fallon Morell NEVER told Kaayla or anyone else to take 3tbsp per day except in certain circumstance (endometriosis, an operation, etc) and only for a short period.

    Also, Dr. Ron had Lyme’s disease, which can lead to heart failure. He also did vigorous running every day–not good for the heart. Who’s to say he would not have succumbed sooner without the cod liver oil?

    • DrKaayla says:

      Sally absolutely did tell me to take 3 tbsp a day. And she told others as well. Dr. Ron was cured of Lyme Disease, and was tested at the point of his hospitalization.

  23. Patti says:

    I am a WAPF member and chapter leader, met you in Atlanta briefly. I really appreciate your laying it all on the line. I just read the entire WAPF response and I am not really comfortable with it. What really bothered me was the Dr. Ron was not allowed to exhibit due to sharing his story on his website. I commend Dr. Ron for sharing his story to perhaps save the life of someone’s husband or father. I am saddened that the WAPF would not take his story seriously enough to want others to know the risk of taking too much of the fermented oil and then deny him the right to exhibit just due to that. Just before your story came out, I had purchased 3 bottles, no wonder they had a “stock up” sale. I fortunately did not open them and returned them. I was relived because there was something in my gut that told me that this oil was gross. My father has a Phd. in rocket science, yep, a real rocket scientist and he has related to me times when he was not paid for his research after his result did not come out in favor of the product. He had to maintain his integrity and did not allow himself to be swayed by money. He often had stress due to being pressured to have a certain conclusion. I believe that you have done the same by avoiding being “wined and dined” by the company. I am suffering from severe alopecia and have tried to eat very clean, but can’t figure out what is wrong. You better believe the stuff will no longer enter my mouth, not sure that caused it, but I am definitely having a problem and I think it is so bad to let people suffer from things like this and suppress or discredit what you have found.

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  26. Patti says:
    I found this study which says that rats fed the fermented sorghum meal developed alopecia and rats fed unfermented sorghum did not. Also, some other major health issues due to the toxins. I have a severe case of alopecia and I am wondering if the CLO produced similar toxins to cause it. I believe something is poisoning me and I may have figured it out (since I did use the product)

  27. renata says:

    I also want to say I bought nutrapro virgin cod liver oil and it was a straight pleasure to drink it. OMG i could mouthwash myself with it.

    This guy Wetzel needs to be sued

  28. Josh says:


    It sounds like the real issue here is not about the fish oil. It sounds like you have some personal issues with Sally Fallon. I have read your report. I commend you for turning down the all expense paid trip from Wetzel, I completely agree with you there. I am reading between the lines here of course, but my hunch is this is more between you and Sally than you and the public. I could be wrong. I know it took great courage for you to do what you have done.

    The bottom line is, I have read all the lab results (yours and others) and I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it. Pollock… So what? I’ve read everyone else’s responses to your report… And I’m also reading between the lines. So far, overall, everyone else is making more sense than your report.

    I wish you well.

    • DrKaayla says:

      The issue is Sally and WAPF have heavily endorsed a product that lab testing shows to be rancid, low in fat-solube vitamins . . . and not even cod. Many members believe they have become sick from fermented cod liver oil. Green Pasture also offers a butter oil that lab testing also shows to be rancid, and which is advertised as from the Great Plains, but which actually comes from Argentina.

  29. Beverly says:

    Thank you so much for your comprehensive report about GP FCLO. I am interested in hearing what the WAPF will find out after they do some testing on it as well.
    I do have a couple of questions for you.
    1. I read in your report about Dr. Price talking about mothers who were trying to give their kids CLO and he said he wouldn’t force them to take it. Was he saying that the average person should not take CLO, but just the people who are sick? Did he say anything about couples trying to conceive that they should take CLO?
    2. Do you still take CLO? Just not FCLO?
    3. What do you think about the body’s balance of Vitamin A & D? Should we be taking more of one than the other? The WAPF and Dr. Mercola strongly disagree on this point, and this has opened a can of worms for me. I have stopped taking FCLO, but should I be taking just regular CLO?

    • DrKaayla says:

      All worthy topics for future blogs! I recommend that anyone contemplating taking cod liver oil read Dr. Price’s words in Section 6 of my report Hook, Line and Sinker. If you choose to take cod liver oil or fish oils, take care to choose a company that makes freshness and non rancidity a priority.

  30. Toby Entz says:

    Good day Kaayla.Wondering what the soy is going on??I have stopped taking fermented col oil and am wondering which other brand you recommend.At this time i lean more to your side then Wwston Price Foundation.Are you still in the ”fold”,will we see you at the Conference?You did what you had to do and I applaud you.Be well and thank you for reply.Healthy regards,Tob

  31. Chuck says:

    Kaayla, Thank you for your outstanding work. Your work will most likely save lives and suffering.
    I would like to make a few comments about butter oil.
    GP’s butter oil is very pale yellow almost white.
    Real butter oil is very bright yellow and taste great. No need to add favorings.
    So, I took a jar of Green Pasture butter oil and put it into an Omega Juicer with a cloth filter and ran it for a few minutes. Approximately 75% of that jar was white butter wax and 25% was a very pale yellow liquid.
    Man, people are getting ripped off.
    I make raw unheated butter oil from cows eating 100% grass and it has no butter wax in it. It’s very bright yellow with an orange tint.
    One pound of good raw summer butter from cows in the Northeast eating 100% grass will give you the following. 4 ounces of milk solids, 7 ounces of butter wax, and 5 ounces of pure butter oil.
    Why would anyone buy butteroil from Green Pasture for $60.00 (for 8 ounces) and get mostly wax.
    You can buy good raw butter for $8 to $10 per pound and get 5 ounces of pure butter oil per pound.
    Wouldn’t you rather have the cows eating 30-40 different types of grass.
    Just eat some good butter.

  32. Juan Fermin says:

    My son has Autism and before giving him Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil, he used to be constantly sick, constantly in stomach pain and was on several medications, including Nexium, Flovent, and several others that I can no longer remember the names of.
    Within 6 months I was able to take him off all his medications and 2 years later he’s as happy as a clam and no longer in any sort of pain.
    Cod, Pollack, whatever, this stuff works for him and I will continue to give it to him.
    Also, I started taking it myself about 2 years ago and haven’t gotten sick since. I used to get the flu every single year for about a month. That no longer happens. Also my joint pain has disappeared and I no longer suffer migraine headaches.

  33. Mary Himmer says:

    Dr. Kaayla Daniels, I applaud your bravery. I do understand why you cannot reveal the names of the labs; you explained that well. I like your integrity too in not accepting a freebie in order that you can honestly present. I am concerned that this organization does not allow presenters or chapter leaders who come up with a different opinion. I have purchased several bottles over the years, but it always hurt the back of my throat and I would only take a dose or 2 and feel guilty that my body said no way. So I have tossed my bottles after emptying them down the sink, and even smelling FCLO made my throat hurt. I love my chapter leader so will still attend meetings. However, I have noticed some discomfort for years within the organization and had been wondering about the integrity of the information we were receiving. Now I know to question everything. Thank you for sharing with us so freely.

  34. Lisa says:

    Over the past five years I have heard stories of the authoritarian way that WAPF is run. I have personally spoken to several chapter leaders who just couldn’t take any more of it and quit. When you see multiple people, over a period of years, giving the same report, it’s hard to pretend there’s not some truth to it.

    That’s why this whole mess doesn’t surprise me. The censorship from the top and chapter leaders & bloggers toeing the party line is all too familiar.

    It’s a shame because there isn’t any reason to fear open discussion or the need to recant a recommendation.

    Thank you for all you’ve done to give us information so we can make an informed choice. Our personal experience with Green Pastures FCLO lasted about a year. We didn’t notice a single health improvement. In fact, one of my kids got cavities for the first time. We all hated the taste and most of us had heartburn from it so I stopped buying it.

  35. Lucille Meek says:

    Interesting information. But all of the going back and forth by those “in the know” about the natural health subjects becomes a burden rather than a help. I’m just at the point of “ignore a lot of it and keep doing the best you can.” How do I know who is upright and honest and who is there for the notice or reward? It gets confusing, aggravating and disgusting.

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  37. Michael Roush says:

    Dr. Daniel,
    Do you have a recommendation for any particular brand of NON-fermented, traditional cod liver oil? I don’t like the taste of beef liver and have used brands like Rosita’s over the last couple of years. Do you think supplementing with CLO is advisable?

    • DrKaayla says:

      I don’t recommend any specific brand. Whether you choose a “fresh” natural product or one that takes advantage of Father Technology’s innovations, take good care of the product at home so it won’t go rancid. That means do not ever leave it out on the counter. Cap the bottle tightly. Keep it away from light, heat and air. Buy in small quantities and use up quickly. Trust your nose and taste and toss it if you think it has “turned” or go rancid.

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