Published on December 9th, 2013 | by DrKaayla

Why Soy Can Harm the Thyroid and Contribute to Weight Gain

Soy is a common ingredient in weight loss products though it can actually cause weight gain!  In fact, more than 70 years of scientific studies link soy to thyroid disorders, most often manifesting as hypothyroidism with its familiar symptoms of weight gain, fatigue, lethargy,  malaise, thinning hair, brain fog and even loss of libido.     Given that Big Ag uses soy-based feeds to fatten animals as quickly as possible,we should not be surprised that people are fattening up as well.


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  1. Laura McConnell says:

    Kayla- I have been searching the web for the health dangers of working in a soybean processing plant. I was diagnosed in 2010 with Thyroid/ graves disease. Then in Sept. 2013 I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. All I can find is info on is consumption of soy. Do you have any evidence that working in a processing plant for 10 years could possibly be causing my health issues? Now my co- worker that sits next to me is having thyroid issues. She has been experiencing pain in her upper left stomach. I told her she needs to have her pancreas checked also.

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